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Do law firms need yet another choice for their BI platform? Our answer is “ABSOLUTELY”! Many firms that have already purchased legal BI solutions are disappointed by the capabilities of the solutions and the value and service that they receive from their BI vendor. Firms that have not yet purchased are underwhelmed by the quality of the offerings that are presented and the lukewarm references that are provided. Iridium BI is a complete business intelligence solution for law firms, offering five modules: GL, Revenue, Expense, Profit, and Budget. Each module consists of a full-featured cube and a complete set of high performance dashboards. Iridium BI works with both the Elite and ADERANT practice management systems, and was designed based on Iridium’s 50,000 hours of legal BI experience. All content can be customized based on the firm’s practices, nomenclature, and financial calculations. Law firms deserve better BI than they are currently getting: better cubes, better dashboards, better value, and better service. Click here to learn more about Iridium BI.

Our Motto: "Business Intelligence for Law Firms. Period."

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Upcoming/Recent Events

2015-06: Iridium attends ALM P3 Conference in Chicago

Iridium is pleased to announce that they will be attending the ALM P3 conference in Chicago in June. “P3 is a great venue to showcase Iridium products”, states Tom Jones – President, Iridium Technology. “Our product line specifically addresses the three “P”s: Pricing, Profitability, and Project Management. We are proud to sponsor this event and discuss with attendees how Iridium products help law firms to improve their matter management capabilities.”

2015-03: BI for Law Firms:
Free Breakfast Summit in London on March 10th

Kingsley Napley has recently implemented Iridium BI - a complete business intelligence suite designed specifically for law firms. Kingsley is using Iridium BI to provide firm managers and timekeepers with role-based dashboards to track their performance. In addition, the finance department now has access to high performance GL and Revenue cubes for ad-hoc analysis. To showcase the success of the Iridium BI roll-out at Kingsley Napley, Iridium Technology and DW Reporting will be hosting a free BI Breakfast Summit.

Learn more and register by clicking here!

2015-02: Upcoming Webinar:
Iridium Technology to Host Profitability Best Practices Webinar – Week of Feb. 23rd

Many firms experience frustration around profitability analysis since their solution is not able to address their “toughest profitability requirements”. Join this session to discover best practices solutions for law firm profitability analysis. For each topic we will examine the alternatives and provide Iridium's best practice recommendation. We will also demonstrate how the best practices solution is implemented in the Iridium BI Profit module. This will be an exciting and informative presentation with tons of material.

Learn more and register by clicking here!

2014-10: Webinar: You Deserve Better BI!
Iridium BI is the Solution that Law Firms are Talking About (and Buying!)

In this webinar you get a complete overview of version 2.0 of Iridium BI - the complete BI solution for legal and professional service firms. Do you want beautiful and fast dashboards? We have them! Do you want powerful cubes where your ad-hoc queries come up in seconds? We have them! Do you have tough customizations? We can handle them - no problem! Do you need a flexible profitability solution that can be configured based on your firm's requirements? We have it! Iridium BI works with both the Elite and ADERANT practice management systems, and was designed based on Iridium’s 50,000 hours of legal BI experience. This one-hour session will show you that all BI solutions are not created equal.

Registration for this webinar is now closed.

2014-08: Iridium will be at ILTA in Nashville!

We will be at ILTA again this year, and look forward to meeting with all of our clients and prospects. Please be sure to attend Tom’s “GAME ON” session. We think that Iridium BI outperforms other BI products on all aspects, and this is the session where we will prove it. The session is on Tuesday at 3:30 in Bayou C, and will focus on all the cool/amazing stuff that puts Iridium BI in a class of its own. We promise to put on a great session, and hope that you can join us. You can learn more about the session on the ILTA site: here

2014-07: London BI Breakfast Seminar - July 25th

Attend this free BI forum in London where we will be showcasing both Iridium BI and DW Reporting - our new UK implementation partner. There will be a "deep dive" demonstration of Iridium BI, and plenty of time for Q&A.

The event will be held on Friday July 25, 2014 at the America Square Conference Centre from 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM.

Registration for this event is now closed.

2014-06: Announcing "Iridium BI": A Complete BI Solution Designed Specifically for Law Firms (Game On!)

Attend this session to learn about our "game-changing" BI solution that is available today. Iridium BI fully supports both the ADERANT and ELITE databases, and other connectors are on the way. Our dashboards are beautiful, informative, and fast. Our cubes are full-featured and provide excellent response time for your toughest ad-hoc queries. We have built revolutionary new components that provide phenomenal performance and capabilities.

We will be hosting a one-hour ILTA "Vendor Showcase" webinar on Friday June 6th at 12:00 PM Eastern / 9:00 AM Pacific.

Registration for this webinar is now closed.

  • Registration is no longer available.

We will continue to offer a new session each week until Tom runs out of stuff to share, and that might take a while! We will post announcements as new groups of sessions are scheduled.

Current News

2015-06: Iridium Technology and ILTA to Host Profitability Best Practices Webinar on June 23rd

In this educational (product-agnostic) session, we will cover more than a dozen of the toughest profitability analysis questions that are facing your firm. For each topic we will examine the alternatives and provide Iridium's best practice recommendation along with mistakes to avoid. This will be an exciting and informative presentation with tons of material. The session is at 9:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday June 23rd. Topics covered will include:

  • Accrual vs. cash basis profitability analysis
  • Tying collections back to the work performed
  • Profitability projections: Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Expected scenarios
  • Expense adjustments for rainmakers
  • What are the benefits of a cube-based profitability solution?
  • Expense assignments for part-time timekeepers
  • Should your profit cube reconcile with your P & L?
  • Residual GL calculations
  • Best practices allocation methods
  • Handling non-timekeeper revenue
  • Reporting on timekeepers that have left the firm
  • Handling non-timekeeper revenue
  • Handling Partner compensation/draws
  • Smoothing techniques for expenses
  • Handling exceptions
  • And more!
  • Special bonus: The #1 factor in a successful profit implementation!

You can register through the ILTA website: here.

2015-04: Poyner Spruill signs up for Iridium BI and is up and running in 24 hours!

Poyner Spruill – the prestigious full service North Carolina firm – has signed up for all Iridium BI modules: Revenue, Profit, GL, and Expense. With multiple offices across North Carolina, and a wide number of practice areas, Poyner Spruill was looking for a robust BI and profitability solution that could be customized based on their demanding requirements. “We were very impressed with the capabilities of the Iridium BI product offering,” states Jack L. Stone, Jr. – Chief Operating Officer for Poyner Spruill. “The quality of reference firms was excellent and we were confident that Iridium would be able to handle our toughest customizations.”

"We are extremely pleased to add another prestigious firm to our rapidly growing client base," states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology. "The market is responding to our message that firms deserve better BI: faster dashboards, faster queries, all of their customizations, and profitability that works. We focus on delivering superior customer service and strive to resolve most client issues or requests on a one-day turnaround. We look forward to making Poyner Spruill a showcase of our ability to quickly deliver high quality BI and profitability implementations. We are also excited because Poyner is the first client to deploy our solution on a hosted Microsoft Azure server."

“During the sales cycle, Iridium told us that once the server was provisioned, they would complete best practices implementations for all modules on a 24-hour turnaround,” continues Stone. “They delivered on that promise: the server was ready on Wednesday morning, and on Thursday we were able to kick off our training program and start to work with the dashboards. The dashboard performance was great in the demos, and that is exactly how it is performing with our data on our server. We are excited to be working with Iridium, and we look forward to implementing our customizations in the coming weeks.”

2015-03: Iridium offers complete Business Intelligence solution for Elite 3E

Iridium Technology announced today that they have extended their “Iridium BI” business intelligence suite to include a connector to Elite 3E. Iridium now offer full support for Elite 3E for all four modules: Revenue, Profit, GL, and Expense. “We are very excited that firms running Elite 3E now have an exciting new option for BI.” states Tom Jones, President of Iridium Technology. "Elite 3E clients will now have access to our high performance cubes and our complete set of BI dashboards. This is also great news for Elite Enterprise clients: by going with Iridium BI, they will be assured of a seamless BI experience if and when they upgrade to 3E.”

Iridium BI is a complete business intelligence solution designed specifically for legal and professional services firms. The integrated BI solution offers four modules: GL, Revenue, Expense, and Profit. Each module consists of a high performance cube and a complete set of role-based dashboards. The key differentiators of Iridium BI are dashboard quality, cube speed and accuracy, customization capabilities, and most importantly the ability to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. “Iridium has never had a failed BI implementation in the history of the firm, and all Iridium BI modules come with a 90-day money back guarantee,” continues Jones. "The 90-day money back guarantee shows that Iridium strongly believes in the quality of our products and services, and that we are committing to a very rapid implementation schedule. Firms are excited to have an alternative to the legacy BI solutions, and we are proud to be a disruptive force in the market.”

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